Omax 5-Axis waterjet table

Capable of cutting parts 60"x120" and  up to 8" thick with untouched accuracy and precision. This machine also offers contour follow and beveling features.

-All types of aluminum, stainless, and carbon steel

-UHMW and other plastics




-and much more!

Messer High- Definition plasma table

Capable of cutting various types of steel and aluminum 60"x120" up to 2" thick at an efficient rate.

CNC Hydraulic 200 Ton Press Brake

This machine has the capability of bending lengths up to 13 feet, and thicknesses up to 3/8" thick.

Hydraulic Plate Shear

Capable of shearing plate lengths up 10 feet and 1/4" thick.

Band saw

Capable of cutting material or bundles of material up to 12" wide by 12" tall.

Solidworks CAD drawings

Allow us to provide you with detailed 3D drawings of your project before we begin.

Hydraulic Ironworker

Capable of punching, bending, and notching angle iron, round rod and flat bar.